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Nageswarao Datatechs welcomes you to the most wonderful experience of learning trending technologies like Python, Django, Data Science, Machine Learning, Java etc. Yes, your choice is correct as the entire IT industry is overwhelmed by these technologies. At Nageswarao Datatechs,  you are assured of best quality teaching from our highly experienced and skilled trainers.  All of our trainers have already provided training for thousands of students in the classroom. Also, their knowledge is supplemented by their vast experience of handling various projects in IT industry. Even though they have in-depth knowledge of the subject, they never forget that they are teaching to the novice. Hence their classes always start from beginner level and slowly reach to the professional levels.

As part of providing basic programming skills and database related knowledge to the absolute beginners, we are offering some FREE courses which you can use for your advantage. If you are a beginner, our suggestion is to start with these FREE courses and then go for other courses depending on the subject you want to master.  Please remember, once you register for a course, the validity will be for 180 days and hence plan your learning schedule properly. Have a nice and smooth learning!

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