Complete Python (Core and Advanced)

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Now-a-days Python is the basic platform for getting into IT industry or to learn any advanced technology. After having knowledge in Python only, you can go for any technology like testing, AWS, DevOps, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Blockchain etc. This is the reason Python has replaced C in all countries. School going children started learning Python. Also, Python is much easier than C or Java. Hence no fundamental knowledge is required to learn Python.

This course teaches Python language right from beginning. Even if you do not have any programming knowledge, still you can understand and learn from this course. This course covers both Core Python and Advanced Python and is so designed that it is useful for both students and working professionals.

Course Content

Total learning: 198 lessons Time: 180 days


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Sowryaa, Python Full Stack Developer.

The heart of the Python subject is dealt by Mr Sowryaa who started his career as a Java Developer and later migrated to Python. For the last 5+ years, he has been working in Python and Django related projects. He has immense knowledge in Java, Python, Django, Machine Learning, AI and AWS.

Dr. R Nageswara Rao, Expert Trainer and Author.

This course is augmented with special topics by Dr R Nageswara Rao who is a most popular trainer and author. He has 27+ years of teaching experience and trained more than 2,00,000 students through classroom training. His books 'Core C', 'Core Java, an integrated approach' and 'Core Python programming' are block busters in addition to being reference books to several Indian Universities.


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₹8,000.00 ₹4,000.00